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Car Battery

The Accurat Plus series represents top performance and advanced technology. These car batteries are specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements of modern vehicles. They offer enhanced performance, reliability, and longevity that exceed standard requirements.

Safety Data Sheet - EN
P50 - Data Sheet - EN
P54 - Data Sheet - EN
P62 - Data Sheet - EN
P64 - Data Sheet - EN
P74 - Data Sheet - EN
P78 - Data Sheet - EN
P85 - Data Sheet - EN
P103 - Data Sheet - EN
  • Accurat Plus batteries offer 30% higher cold cranking amps, ensuring reliable starts even in cold temperatures.

  • With up to 35% more capacity relative to the housing volume, Accurat Plus reliably powers modern vehicles and their numerous electrical extras.

  • This technology ensures particularly low self-discharge, excellent continuous current performance, and high load resistance, making the battery more efficient and longer-lasting.

  • Thanks to calcium technology, Accurat Plus batteries are completely maintenance-free and do not need to be refilled, increasing convenience and user-friendliness.

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