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The accurat Basic series offers reliable and powerful starter batteries, specifically designed for daily use. With a wide range of models and capacities, the Basic series is ideal for all types of vehicles, whether cars, vans, or light commercial vehicles. Every battery in this series stands for quality, durability, and high starting performance.

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  • The Accurat Basic batteries offer up to 30% more capacity relative to their housing volume, making them ideal for modern vehicles and their numerous electrical extras.

  • This technology ensures particularly low self-discharge, extremely resistant continuous current performance, and balanced chargeability, making the batteries more efficient and longer-lasting.

  • Accurat Basic batteries are completely maintenance-free and do not need to be refilled, which increases convenience and user-friendliness.

  • The low internal resistance enables reliable starting performance even with frequent short trips and extended idle periods.

Safety Data Sheet - EN
B46 - Data sheet - EN
B52 - Data sheet - EN
B60 - Data sheet - EN
B63 - Data sheet - EN
B72 - Data sheet - EN
B75 - Data sheet - EN
B85 - Data sheet - EN
B100 - Data sheet - EN

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