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Car Battery

Accurat Impulse batteries offer the latest EFB and AGM technologies for the highest demands. EFB batteries are ideal for vehicles with basic start-stop technology, providing above-average power reserves and reliability. AGM batteries are perfect for vehicles with start-stop systems and brake energy recovery, as they are especially robust, maintenance-free, and leak-proof. Both variants offer up to 30% more capacity and are designed for high loads, making them the ideal choice for modern vehicles.

Safety Data Sheet - EN
I60 AGM - Data Sheet - EN
I70 AGM - Data Sheet - EN
I80 AGM - Data Sheet - EN
I95 AGM - Data Sheet - EN
I105 AGM - Data Sheet - EN
I65 EFB- Datenblatt - DE
I70 EFB - Datenblatt - DE
I75 EFB - Datenblatt - DE
I80 EFB - Datenblatt - DE
I85 EFB - Datenblatt - DE
I95 EFB - Datenblatt - DE
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